• [09/19/2014] Launch of tetraEdison Website
Our Websites
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Our Websites
tetraEdisons creates and runs its own websites. With an ever growing list of sites for which tetraEdison serves as a parent company.
Software and Web Development
We provide custom software and web development as a service; including design, development, maintenance, site administration, and hosting. With over 20 years experience.
Welcome to our site

tetraEdison is named for the owner's four (tetra meaning 4 in Latin) daughters. The vision is to build a company that can be left for them one day.

Senior Software Engineer

Extensive experience in the following:
  • C++
  • MFC
  • Windows Development
  • .NET/C# WebForms
  • All forms of Windows Development including: MDIs, SDIs, Dialog Applications, Console Applications, DLLs, Drivers, Windows Services, ActiveX controls, COM, Multi-threading, and sockets.
  • Python

Senior Web Developer

Extensive experience in the following:
  • Node.js/Meteor
  • React
  • Python/Flask
  • PHP
  • Perl CGI
  • SignalR
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Java/J2EE JSP and Servlets
  • WebForms
  • .NET MVC
  • MCF WebServices

Other Technologies

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • .NET Linq
  • Hibernate
  • Akka Futures and Actors
  • PayPal Payments API
  • Google Maps
  • Linux
  • Embedded Programming